Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Ferrum Wheel Issue 3, May 2002

Ferrum Wheel Issue 3 was released in a limited edition of 50 in May 2002. It was packaged in gallon freezer bags with a carpet sample on the front, and three pez candies denoting the issue number.

Ferrum Wheel 3: survival kit. for this issue - chant its incantations, wonder at its randomness, smell the sulfur, read the fine print, and feel the fingerprint. to complete this issue, burn the bag it came in. burn it on your delicates. ferrum artists perform intense creative rituals to produce 50 pieces of art progeny only to give them away to peers and strangers. respect their loss by celebrating your gain.
let the cycle style us.

Ferrum Wheel is craftonics, the raw voice of lost and found boxes, poetic parody, the ligaments between art and trash, most, it is a paper mache bust of William Blake.

"Ferrum Wheel Issue 3 packaging" - Chris Fritton and ric royer

"ferrum wheel logo" - ric royer

how to set your kitchen on fire.

"aeropoem number one home launch kit" - Bill Howe

your dust will be disturbed today/rest without alarm.

"fortune receipt" - ric royer

one of fifty from ferrum wheel's home decor line.

"whiney little pedant" (fridge magnet) - ric royer

Golem/ice was a ghost/powdery wraith of loose/miracle of rare device. the buffalo cycle in all its glory.

"snowflake" - Jessica Smith

a levinisian poetics approaches language as the other that empties us of meaning and implicates our authority as fundamentally non-autarchic. alternately, we give meaning to language, but through a radical ingratitude, language never returns meaning back to the self. to do so would be a movement towards the same, which would negate language's other-ness. it is this other-ness that defines us through its constant emptying of the self. wittgenstein says that 'the meaning of a word is its use in the language,' and that 'to imagine a language is to imagine a form of life.' our use of language is fundamentally ethical, in that we are constantly asked to give meaning and to negotiate the perpetual flux.

"levinisian poetics" - Matt Chambers

what every pink balloon aspires to be, language has provided for...

"inflatable bird of prey" - Chris Fritton

in the American grain American poetry can absorb aborant forms eve ef yore bread mol ds angels stole love once upon a timeor OZ that pubis iv eleves bliss U. vithvissor ar got er got incant:

"homage to Frank O'Hara's lunch poems" (sandwich of wheat bread and purple sponge) - Mike Basinski

punch and pull. lick and spit. a movement long and drawn and stopping. dark and grey and orange. with the smell. an odor so real. it stings my nostrils. makes my face go all scrunched up.

"felt swatch" - Christie Gormon

if it's all happening at the same time, a question about 'first' doesn't make sense.

"chicken and egg" - Matt Dente


Anonymous said...

my lunch o poem is in phenomonal shape


T Bone said...

Mine too.