Sunday, April 08, 2007

Ferrum Wheel Issue 6, March 2007

Ferrum Wheel Issue 6 was released in a limited edition of 49 in March 2007. It was wrapped comfortably in a three-pocket canvas apron, hand screenprinted with the Ferrum Wheel logo and the names of contributors. The theme: apron, of course.

"Ferrum Wheel Issue 6: Apron"

Ferrum Wheel No. 6: Apron
Apron in between so as not to get dirty, or in the case of the blacksmith, burned by a sprinkle, a barrier to protect, but not always - as in the apron of the garden, the liminal, the overlap, the wide swath that must be crossed to find oneself inside, somehow a signal or a symptom, somehow this flat nothing lay down fence a semaphore for the beginning of something; to say wearing an apron, wearing down this between things, the tamping of soil to make a place that is both, where each is becoming in opposite directions, wear this apron, place these things next to each other, on each other, on one another’s aprons, a blacksmith’s canvas garden.

"Ferrum Wheel Issue 6 - inside"

"Ferrum Wheel Issue 6 - Ferrum Wheels in a Ferrum Wheel"

"Alex Rose"

"Brian Carpenter"

"Flash Card Front"

"Flash Card Back"

"Christophe Casamassima"

"Plane Ticket Front"

"Plane Ticket Reverse"

"Dale Roberts"

"Dale Roberts"

"Found Bracelet"

"Found Film Canister"

"Giles Goodland"

"Guy R. Beining"

"John M. Bennett"

"Justin Katko"

"Justin Katko"

"Kevin Thurston"

"Mark Greenwood"

"Mark Greenwood"

"Wendy Collin Sorin"

"Wendy Collin Sorin"

"Ross Priddle"

"Ric Royer"

"Mike Basinski"