Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Ferrum Wheel Issue 1, August 2001

Ferrum Wheel Issue 1 is a packet of poetic raw materials trapped in a manila envelope bearing ric royer's Ferrum Wheel logo. It is an assembling of found ephemera, visual poetry, and manipulated gifts. A limited edition of 50 copies were completed and distributed in August 2001. Contributors included: Mike Basinski, Tawrin Baker, Eric Gelsinger, Adam Caccamise, Tracey Long, ric royer, John Long, Jordan Berry, Chris Fritton, Jessica Smith, Matt Chambers, Ashton Royce, Charlene Dickerson, and a fifteen year old girl.

"Ferrum Wheel - Issue 1" - ed. c. fritton and ric royer

not quite words and not quite verbs,
just worbs.

"worbs" - Mike Basinski

oscillating as the wings of a bird,
the folding in and folding out of a
small origami crane reveals a motion poem
of feather-letters.

"crane" - Jessica Smith

a mystical twist on the age old rabbit's foot,
a two-dimensional familiar.

"druid power friend" - ric royer

raw teenage hope.

"diary entry" - unknown 15 year old female

raw teenage heartbreak.

"diary entry 2" - unknown 15 year old female


Anonymous said...

Is it true that Ashton Royce was a part of this project until you and eric gelsinger forced him to give ric royer a "Malaysian Shakedown"? 911 is a joke.

Anonymous said...

I have 81 parcels wrapped in brown paper and string, each labelled 9x9 pomme fritte. They were part of an installation piece. I want to 'move them on' to give more space in my studio. Any creative ideas? All I really need is 81 addresses to post them to.

Drive By Fruiting said...

Your blog rocks!