Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Ferrum Wheel Issue 2, December 2001

Ferrum Wheel Issue 2 was released in a limited edition of 50 in December 2001. It was wrapped in wallpaper from the early 1970's; a hole was cut in the front to reveal the Ferrum Wheel logo.

Ferrum Wheel is a collection of process, parts, pre-order, raw materials exploited under artistic/poetic concentration, stolen goods, destroyed articles, that bang before creation, the gift from me to you.

Ferrum Wheel is loose-pamphleteria, dirt-propaganda, treatments for failure, recipes for communicatory illusion, (contact art), plagiarism, and my hands. it is velocity. it is immediacy of touch, but most of all it is loss. it is residue. it is not so much the creation of a thing as the loss of many beautiful, quickened, fickle events.

"front cover - Ferrum Wheel Issue 2" - ric royer

"back cover - Ferrum Wheel Issue 2" - Charlene Dickerson

this is the gospel text line incantation that conjures Ferrum Wheel, the alchemical directions for assembling, the blueprint for synergy.

"directions for assembling" – Found

a hidden phrase that would come alive resounding off the teeth; the roles we play trapped inside jawbones, contact can be made mouth to mouth.

"i want to dress you up and scream in your mouth" - Anastasia Long as spoken to ric royer

a party dropping into your lap, courtesy of a young jewish girl.

"young jewish girl covering envelope filled with keys and confetti"

honey, jam, hot cocoa, and cool milk. bogs in the back of my mind bubbling like burning polaroids.

"memories" - Eric Gelsinger

cut up your favorite t-shirt. go out. get one. make it dirty. punch.

"my favorite t-shirt" - ric royer

bingo dotter mesh pink envelope sends the message 'scar tissue in/braille representation/of the antidote to/phonemic obsession.'

"phonemic obsession" - Charlene Dickerson

all the letters of my language mean something to someone else.

"the ferrum wheel" - Mike Sawyer

errant errata, we have missed you for long, john long.

"tribute to john long" - Chris Fritton

there are wrinkles in these minerals. semen smells of wet copper pennies. find some pennies and flatten them, wet them and make them wrinkled. wrinkled minerals are pennies. put them inside something mesh, hang them on a bedpost, and wet them. hung mineral wetpennies are semen.

"wrinkles in these minerals" - Chris Fritton

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