Thursday, October 07, 2004

Ferrum Wheel Issue 5, January 2004

Ferrum Wheel Issue 5 was released in a limited edition of 50 in January 2004. It was confined to foot long sections of PVC pipe capped at both ends with red and white gingham. The theme: pipe-bomb picnic-basket.

'ferrum wheel 5'

Ferrum Wheel Number Five: pipe-bomb / picnic-basket
upon the point of detonation the pipe bomb being a wholly exothermic reaction a shock wave followed by a parade of calories heating objects to the point of dissolution. its signal to noise ratio dependent on how well you cover your head. picnic-basket an entirely endothermic reaction a display of digestables requiring organization - work - calories go into making your food they do not simply come out of it. you are Maxwell's Demon this time around if you choose to be. signal to noise Sorter. Make no longer, only Move. Detritan become a Velocitator. or you are a soldier with your helmet pulled low after the flash point. it is your choice.
it is time to recognize that these are the things we eat these are the things that kill us. c.f.

'ferrum wheel 5 contents'

'reactor shielding for nuclear engineers' - Colleen Roche

'The Salo Cantos' - Ezra Pound, translated by Ezra Pound and Shinaz Giusti with an introduction by Kimblerly Filbee'

'tealight ballet' - Bill howe and Lisa phillips

'note for the upper left hand pocket' - David Baratier

'found poetic ephemera' - ferrum wheel 5

'body map' - Holly Johnson

'par coeur envelope' - Karissa Cove

'par coeur' - Karissa Cove

'undream' - Lisa K. Graham

'WASH' - Mark Owens

'Viz signals' - Mike Basinski

'words' - Richard Kostelanetz


michael said...

Some good stuff here, Excellent use of blog space!

Gelsinger said...

There are no more of these, right?

Does anyone have one they'd sell for a modest premium?